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About Angry Games, Inc.

Teaching Gamers

The Angry GM provides RPG advice to game masters of games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Initially, Angry Games, Inc. was just a blog where table-top role-playing gamers could learn how to run games and build their own content. The Angry GM blog is still going strong after ten years. Stronger than ever, thanks to the support of loyal fans and readers.

Growing the Community

Game Angry is an excellent resource for new and experienced table-top role-playing game masters.

In December, 2018, after an amazing success on Kickstarter, The Angry GM - now Angry Games, Inc. - released their first book in partnership with Third Act Publishing. Game Angry: How to RPG the Angry Way provides a great entry point to the hobby for people who don't have a local GM to show them the ropes. The book has already sold more than 2,500 print and electronic copies.

Evolving the Hobby

The Angry GM is constantly working on new and innovative rules, systems, and other gaming content.

Angry Games, Inc. is just getting started. In addition to developing new rules and systems for the most popular table-top RPGs every week at the ongoing Angry GM blog, innovative Angry Games is committed to creating exciting new games that build on the fifty-year legacy of fantasy RPGs while incorporating new developments in game design from video games, board games, and other interactive media.

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